Every year in Aristi, from 2006 to 2013, at the end of August, at the time when cyclamens bloom in the Voidomatis, cultural festivals called Cyclamens were held. These celebrations were aimed at detecting elements of our culture that would enable a deeper awareness of its value. The eight cultural festivals that took place were dedicated to our traditional music and folk songs.

Our Foundation’s long-standing position of providing its cultural events free of charge contributed to the fact that all the villagers and residents of the neighbouring villages attended them, so that the number of spectators exceeded 500 each time. For the musical evenings, introductory notes and texts about the stories of the songs were written by the curator of the events †George E. Papadakis.

The Foundation intends to disseminate the content of the musical evenings to the wider public by publishing them on CD, because they are part of an original study of our folk music and poetry. This has not been possible to date, because the cost of such a project is, so far, prohibitive for the Foundation.